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Who We Are

We are dedicated to helping you with your project or event. We offer a wide range of services to better serve you and your goals. These services can will help you host the perfect event, perform amazing home entertainment and business upgrades, add security to your life, and even add create unique and elegent lighting to your favorite areas. Check out the details on these below or contact us to try something new that we don't have listed.

Audo Visual Portfolio

Parties and Events

With over 10 years of experience with Audio/Visual work, you can feel confident that your event or venue will offer a positive experience for everyone. Whether it's a one time event or a permanent setup, we can help you add a great audio and visual aspect to your events and services. We have covered anything from gymnasiums, outdoor fields, beaches, houses of worship, sports events, private parties, weddings, and funerals.

Home Theater Portfolio

Home Theater

If you are a dedicated movie watcher, TV series fanatic, or even a gamer looking for a big screen with atmos surround sound, we have solutions. You don't need a dedicated theater room to have a home theater either. We have perfect, discreat solutions for bright common rooms such as living rooms, family rooms, and even bedrooms. We will work with you to design the perfect solution for the space you have.

Home Internet Portfolio

Home Internet

With work from home and online learning now being an integral part of everyday life, home internet and networking is a perfect investment to make sure you don't miss any work or school. We offer solutions for both small and large spaces that are high speed and can cover your entire home without any dropping. Our solutions offer the ability to monitor your network from anywhere to make sure no one is "borrowing" your internet without you knowing.

Commercial Internet Portfolio

Commercial Internet

We offer networking solutions perfect for small commercial buildings. Whether you have a small office, small public building, house of worship, etc. we can help everyone get connected in a secure manner. We offer the ability to set up guest networks to keep your business networks secure from the public while allowing the convenient service of internet to the public.

Computer Systems Portfolio

Computer Systems

Are you a gamer looking for a gaming pc with the latest and greatest components? Are you looking for a budget build for you or a family member? Or are you looking for a custom home or business server to suit your needs? We can build your system, whether it be a gaming machine, NAS (network attached storage) server, smart home server, or any other task you wish a machine to accomplish, we can design and build it.

Security Camera Systems Portfolio

Security Camera Systems

In this day and age you might no longer feel comfortable leaving your doors unlocked and valuables in your car. We can't prevent people from doing bad things but we can sure offer the ability to watch and see it coming and capture it on camera. We can put together the perfect camera system for what your needs are and provide you with the peace of mind that you are never going to miss anything that happens in your space.

Custom Lighting Portfolio

Custom Lighting

A vague category by it's title but we can help you light up your space in unique ways. Whether it's with the use of custom smart light bulbs in your ceiling lights and lamps, to installing indirect lighting with the use of LED strips. These setups are perfect for kitchen cabines, bars, game and recreation rooms, fun office setups, and more.